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A personal, one-on-one environment with a real guitarist and musician who knows everything you will ever need to learn”

“I began learning the guitar in 2003 and have never enjoyed my lessons so much until commencing classes with John Prefontaine this year. He is a great guitarist and it is extremely clear to me that he has a true passion for teaching this instrument. I look forward to my lesson in his well equipped studio each week and honestly feel that my playing has improved dramatically under his expert guidance”

At JP Guitar Studio, we feature one of the most professional music tuition services in Australia, as well as a fully loaded recording studio. We have multiple teachers specialising in different instruments and styles, tailored to your particular needs. So whether you want to be the next guitar hero or simply want to impress everyone around the campfire, JP Guitar Studio is your opportunity to fulfill these dreams. Not only do we teach guitar, but we also teach Bass, Piano, Vocals/Singing, Clarinet and Saxophone. Please don’t hesitate to call if these instruments interest you.